Our Mission: “Caring for the needs of children and families in crisis, and preparing them for success in life.”

The Children’s Home of Reading (CHOR) is a “Sanctuary” certified agency, completing initial certification in 2010. We continue to grow within the philosophy of the Sanctuary Model and are dedicated to providing trauma informed care approaches to healing. As such, consumers are viewed as people who are likely to have histories of physical, sexual and/or other types of abusive trauma-inducing experiences, and this often leads to mental health and other types of co-occurring disorders. Our treatment approaches are based on an understanding of the vulnerabilities or triggers of trauma survivors so that our services are more supportive and avoid re-traumatization. Our services recognize the consumer’s need to be respected, informed, connected, and hopeful regarding their own recovery; the interrelation between trauma and symptoms of trauma (e.g. sexual acting out, depression, anxiety, etc.); and the need to work in a collaborative way with consumers (and also with family and support people of the consumer) and with other human services agencies in a manner that will empower consumers.

Our Model of Care & Values:

TRUST: Those who develop trust learn to safely deposit confidence in themselves and others.
HOPE: Hopeful people have the courage to reach for their dreams, and plan for a brighter future.
RELATIONSHIPS: Healthy relationships help feel connected to others and build support for oneself based on mutual care.
EMPOWERMENT: Helps to build confidence to make decisions and accept responsibility in their lives.
ACCEPTANCE: once you accept yourself, you can become responsable and contribute to society.
DIGNITY: When treated with dignity, self-respect and value for themselves and others is built
SAFETY: Those who are emotionally and physically safe are not intentionally hurtful towards themselves or others.

Our Vision:

We will continue to be a leader in the treatment of children and families in crisis by:

• Responding to the needs of the local Berks County community while providing a spectrum of services available to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and surrounding states

• Continue to practice the philosophy of acting in the best interest of children and families in need

• Focus on the strengths of all the children and families that we serve

We Believe Every Child in Crisis is Entitled to:

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