You don’t have to be perfect to be a parent.

Children and youth in foster care are in need of loving, supportive families to care for them as they await reunification with their birth parents.  If you are a couple, empty nester, single, LGBT, simply a person who wants to make a positive difference…we want to talk with you! 

Foster & Adoptive Parents are the families who give so generously of their time, patience, love, and laughter to make a difference in the lives of children in foster care.

Sibling groups, teens, and adolescents are looking to be part of a family, where they feel heard, loved, and understood.  Many of the children who come to us want to experience what a “normal family does”, eating dinner together, going to watch a baseball game, watching a movie, and having someone to talk to.

Now is a great time to become a foster or adoptive parent since we anticipate the need for more families as the “Stay at Home” order continues.  Information sessions and pieces of training can now be accessed virtually from the convenience of your own home.

Join us for a free, no-obligation, virtual information session every first Wednesday of the month from 5 pm – 6 pm.  Call 610-478-8266 ext. 491 to reserve your seat.

15,000 Children in Pennsylvania Need Homes

Just in PA, there are over 15,000 children in the foster care system at any given time.

Our goal is to always try and reunite foster children with their families, something we’ve been doing since 1884 when we were started as an orphanage. However, if this is not possible; we are able to seamlessly transition the child into an adoption setting within our own agency.

When a couple or an individual decides to become a foster parent, a lot of preparations such as training, information session, background check, security check, and clearances occur behind the scenes before a child can actually start living with his/her foster parent. This can get very overwhelming very fast, and this is where our expert staff steps in!

We provide evidence-based training,  comprehensive resources, and family services to help children and families, every step of the way!

The Children’s Home of Reading has been connecting children and loving families for over 135 years.

We teach all of our foster families to be resource families by providing free information sessions, pre-services training on foster parenting, and adoptive parenting. This results in a smoother transition for a foster child and their resource family, should adoption become an option.

As a Statewide Adoption Network (SWAN) affiliate, our staff is trained to provide services to children and families with diverse needs and backgrounds.

On average, we get 25 referrals a month from Children Youth and Family Services and many of those requests for families cannot be fulfilled due to lack of foster parents.

CHOR’s Foster and Adoption Staff are accomplished and experienced to understand that the needs of children are unique and are required to be matched with the right families.

Our specialist train every foster or adoptive parent/family and support them throughout the journey, every step of the way! 

We understand fostering a child can be a challenging yet rewarding experience, and YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE PERFECT TO BE A PARENT. 

CALL US AT 610-678-8266 ext. 491. to register for a FREE, information session. 





One of our foster parents had this to say….

Linda is a long-standing foster care parent at CHOR’s Foster Care and Adoption Program. She has been supporting, nurturing, and providing much-needed care to teenagers girls and boys.  Watch the full interview of Linda here.


Join us for a free, no-obligation, virtual information session every first Wednesday of the month from 5 pm – 6 pm.

Call 610-478-8266 ext. 491 to reserve your seat.

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ADOPTION SPOTLIGHT-Kids awaiting their forever family

More than 500 kids are in Berks Children and Youth Services at any given time. While our main goal is to reunite children with their birth families, sometimes that isn’t the case and the kids have to be transitioned into adoption settings.

Watch the videos of some of our amazing kids waiting for their forever homes!

Muhtalib is waiting for a family to watch movies and learn to play soccer!

Once a child is adopted, whether from The Children’s Home of Reading or another agency; our talented adoption team is available to provide support through Post Permanency Services so your new family is able to navigate and adjust to the new changes as you are beginning to bond.



FREE No-Obligation Information Sessions are held monthly.

Call 610-478-8266 ext. 491 to take your get your login information to reserve your space. 

You don’t have to be perfect to be a parent.  There are plenty of kids waiting to put up with you!

Thank you for considering making such a huge difference in the life of a child!

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